I have found myself facing some health challenges over the past few months, and to be honest, I haven’t risen to meet those challenges head on.
The fear of the situation brought me down, and I allowed the victim mentality to creep in.
I’ve recognised that now, and I’ll own it.
Recognising that, the inclination to then swing into blaming myself surfaced. That kind of thinking doesn’t lead anywhere, except allowing you to spiral deeper into the land of negativity.

I’m now starting to look at these challenges with appreciation, and look at what I can learn from them.
I appreciate the opportunity to look at how I can make some changes to my lifestyle
Looking at everything through a different lens has given me the opportunity to look at my actions (and non actions) and see if from a different perspective
I feel so grateful for all the learning opportunities that I have had over the past 12-18 months, both due to me seeking knowledge, and what life has presented
We all have a choice on how we handle any situation.
It could be looking at the situation with the optimistic framework, or the learning opportunity that it presents.
We can start off down the more pessimistic path, and look at all the things that are going wrong.

I’ve certainly been on that dark gloomy path over the past few months.
I’m now choosing to change paths, and veer across to the optimistic view.

This represents a chance for me to grow a greater appreciation for the life I have:
I am so grateful for my fabulous family, who surround me with such love and support.
I choose to appreciate more fully the friends that I have gathered over the years and value their unique gifts.
I can also now appreciate being on the dark and gloomy path, as that has shown me aspects of myself, that while may not be my best attributes, they are still a part of the whole picture.
I’ve always thought of myself as the “glass half full” kind of gal,athough lately, that half full glass has been seeming a little empty.
I recently read Gabby Bernstein’s book “Super Attractor” and 1 thing sits above everything else for me; “choose again”
She writes, ‘everyone has periods in their life that don’t seem to go well, In those moments we have a choice,; we can choose to stay on the path of negative thinking, or we can reach for the next best thought, then the next, and the next”
To look for the opportunities or the benefits we can gain from any situation. I love this concept and for me, this is something that I’m trying to incorporate into my everyday life.
So in those moments, when I give in to the negative, because I’m tired or hurting.
I try forgive myself, and then reach for a more positive thought or emotion. I remind myself, this situation I’m currently in will not last forever, I’m taking the steps I need to heal, and as long as my thoughts are more in the balance of positive than negative, I’m winning.

Being in a state of appreciation has ripple effects.
Appreciating the moments of beauty in each day.
By letting someone know that you appreciate their efforts, can maybe inspire them to pay it forward, or just raise their spirits, which in turn raises the spirits of those around them.
I truly appreciate all of you who have read this post, and I hope that you have found some benefit.
I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to share my story in some small way, and maybe some of my message will resonate with you, maybe not, but that’s OK. I thank you for the time you’ve taken to read this.
Until next time