I came across this little gem whilst searching the internet for inspiration, and it struck a chord.

I had never given much thought to gardening and the promise that it brings. Not being a gardener myself probably contributed to this lack of thought, but that one little statement got me thinking….
How does your garden look?
Does it need a little tidying?
For those of us in the southern hemisphere, we are in the midst of the colder months of the year. This is the time to let go of what is no longer serving a purpose, pruning away the dead wood, clearing the debris and the weeds that can choke new life, and clear a space for new things to come forth.
It’s the promise of spring, connecting with the earth and preparing the base for new life and ideas.

Nourishing the soil in your own fertile mind.
Planting the seeds that will spring forth with divine timing
You may need to consider these questions:
What are the seeds you are planting now?
Are they the seeds of hope prosperity and possibility, or are they the seeds of doubt and negativity?
How are you nourishing your seeds?
Are you providing yourself enough of the right kind of nourishment not just for your body, but for your mind and soul as well.

Remember that your thoughts have energy.

This energy can change the chemicals in your brain, which then in turn affect how you feel within yourself
Keeping your energy as high vibe as possible, will ensure that you have the right chemical mix in your brain, allowing you to easily brush off those negative influences, either from your own thoughts, or the thoughts and actions of others.
No matter how much of a positive person you are, sometimes things happen that can bring you down – the important thing to remember then, is to honour those feelings, be truthful with yourself and above all be kind to yourself.
Tend to yourself, like you would a garden, try not to let it get overgrown and forgotten. Nourish it with love, water , positivity and good quality food.
Bring awareness to the things in your garden that you need to let go of. Things that serve no purpose, and are just there, taking away nutrients, bringing down the whole vibe
Bring in freshness, get in touch with the seasons, learn new things, try out different ways, turn over the soil and be aware of when you just need to rest.
Like a garden, you need to go deep within yourself sometimes, right down into your roots, to reflect, to understand at a deeper level.
Once you have that deeper level knowledge, new growth can occur, your garden can expand and flourish
Even on the darkest of days, there can still be growth, growth from within, a greater and deeper understanding with the promise of brighter, warmer days ahead.