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We love spending time together and cruising around the beaches on our scooters
Our beautiful cat Chai, who is the master of observation, and is our reminder to be mindful & rest

A little about me on a personal level

Thanks for your interest in learning more about me.


I am a passionate soul on a transformative journey.

In early 2023, I  stepped away from the corporate world, realising that I was no longer aligned with that type work and the environment that goes along with it.

It was time to follow my heart.

This was when Soul Directions was born, a way to combine all the things I am passionate about, under a cohesive structure, that can grow with me.

None of this would be possible without the support of my family.


My husband Gary & I have two beautiful girls, who are thriving in their chosen fields at University and who make me proud every day.  


Let's not forget our feline members of the family,  brothers we rescued as kittens from a local cat shelter.

They've been our constant source of joy, especially during the challenging days of Covid lockdowns. They remind us daily to be mindful and be in the moment! 

My path is one of purpose and passion, where crafting, energy healing, and coaching converge to illuminate a transformative space for all who seek holistic well-being and growth.

My heart's creation.


Join me on this radiant journey of discovery and transformation at Soul Directions.

Our high energy Java, who reminds us to find joy in the moment.

My husband and  I love riding around the Northern Beaches on our Scooters


 Our mindful masters


The beach is an ideal place for grounding your energy, with the elements of air, water and earth.
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