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Soul Compass Coaching

Discover Your True Purpose and Transform Your Life with Soul Aligned Coaching

Soul Compass Coaching takes a more holistic approach than traditional coaching practices.  


With aligned coaching, the emphasis is more on spiritual growth, inner alignment and personal transformation through spiritual awareness. 


Soul Compass coaching helps you uncover limiting beliefs, heal emotional wounds, and tap into your own innate intuition to navigate life's challenges from a place of inner wisdom and authenticity.

Holistic and heart centric products and services
Meditations for restoring balance and strengthen the soul connection

Lorraine offers a nurturing and tranquil approach, supporting you in uncovering obstacles and gently steering you toward your optimal self. With expertise in various coaching methods, she tailors a personalised approach to help unlock your full potential.

Through Soul Compass Coaching, you can anticipate several advantages, including gaining clarity on your life's purpose, overcoming obstacles, and enjoying heightened fulfilment and joy.
Our Soul Compass Packages are customised to align with your specific needs and goals, offering enhanced value compared to individual sessions.

Each package typically includes hour-long alignment sessions, scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly according to your preferences.

Additional phone support between sessions is provided based on the selected package.

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