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Where it all began...

Welcome to Soul Directions, a sacred convergence born from a deep-rooted journey of passion and purpose.


Our story began with a profound realisation – that true well-being encompasses the harmony of body, mind, and soul.


Guided by this profound insight, we embarked on a quest to fuse the realms of energy healing, spiritual coaching, and the artistry of Reiki and crystal-infused candle making.

The journey began as we ventured into the realm of Intuition and all things spiritual. Discovering and harnessing our own unique gifts.  

This naturally led into discovering the power of energy healing, unearthing the innate ability to channel healing energies and bring about positive change.


Fuelled by a desire to extend this healing light, we ventured into the realm of spiritual and intuitive coaching, understanding that true transformation blooms from within.

It was during this journey that the idea of Soul Directions was ignited – a sanctuary where holistic healing takes centre stage, where the energy of Reiki and the allure  and power of crystals infused converge to create a space of profound serenity and growth.


With a commitment to nurturing the body's energy centres,  we created our Reiki and Crystal infused candles to become vessels of intention, crafted to support, balance, and energise the Chakra system.

Join us on this remarkable voyage, where ancient wisdom meets modern empowerment, where energy healing, spiritual coaching, and the artistry of candle making unite to illuminate your path towards holistic well-being and soulful transformation.


Soul Directions is not just a destination; it's a radiant journey of discovery, self-empowerment, and limitless potential.

Soul Flame Candles 

Lorraine Drummond - Owner & Founder

As a Reiki Master practitioner, I've always been passionate about energy healing and its positive impact on our well-being.

Having a deep passion for the profound impact of scent and energy healing and the warmth and welcoming atmosphere, only candles can give led me to create Soul Flame Candles


This unique brand beautifully blends the art of home fragrancing with the principles of energy healing.

These candles not only fill homes with captivating aromas but also promote healing and balance on a profound energetic level and have a remarkable influence on our overall sense of wellbeing.


Our products are designed with sustainability and balance, combining the power of Reiki, crystals, and essential oils to promote harmony within your energetic system.

Each candle is thoughtfully crafted with intention and infused with positive energy to help you relax, unwind, and create a tranquil ambience in your space,

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A little about me

Hi & welcome 


I am a passionate soul on a transformative journey.

In early 2023, I bravely stepped away from the corporate world, realising that my path had shifted away from alignment.


Supported by the unwavering love of my husband, we are a close-knit family of four, including our two brilliant daughters who are thriving at university.


Our family dynamic extends to our two feline companions, brothers we rescued as kittens from a local cat shelter.

They've been our constant source of joy, especially during the challenging days of Covid lockdowns. They remind us daily to be mindful and be in the moment! 

Guided by my love for crafting and an innate connection to Reiki energy, I embarked on a journey to create Soul Directions.

My heart's creation.


This venture marries my skills as a Reiki Master with my crafting prowess, resulting in beautifully infused candles designed to nurture and support the chakra system.


As a dedicated spiritual coach, I bring my extensive toolkit to the forefront, including a range of transformative modalities, ensuring my clients experience profound change.

My path is one of purpose and passion, where crafting, energy healing, and coaching converge to illuminate a transformative space for all who seek holistic well-being and growth.


Join me on this radiant journey of discovery and transformation at Soul Directions.

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My husband and  I love riding around the Northern Beaches on our Scooters


 Our mindful masters


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