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Lorraine Drummond

Reiki and Soul Coaching in Sydneys Northern Beaches

A Holistic Journey of Healing & Empowerment

Welcome to Soul Directions
Step into a transformative world at Soul Directions, where healing and empowerment converge
Reiki Healing
Soul Compass Coaching
Soul Flame Candles
Oracle Reading Bookings
Soul Profile



Soul Harmony Energy Healing infused with Reiki, unlocks your inner radiance, promoting balance and vitality on all levels.


Through intuitive touch, energy blockages are dissolved, paving the way for profound self-discovery and spiritual growth.


Soul Compass Personal Coaching  Intuitively guides you on a soulful path with this personalised journey of self-exploration and purpose. Our skilled coach helps you navigate life's challenges, aligning your actions with your soul's compass.

Embrace your unique gifts and passions, setting meaningful goals that resonate with your authentic self.


Soul Flame Candles, formerly known as The Fragrant Flame, emit Reiki-infused radiance, enveloping you in serenity.


Their sacred scents and flickering flames create a nurturing space for your inner journey, raising your vibrational frequency and deepening your connection with your soul's purpose.


Embrace the integrated power of Soul Directions, as healing energy, soulful coaching, and enchanting candles unite to illuminate your path to healing, growth, and true soul potential.

Soul Oracle Readings, Experience the transformative essence of Soul Harmony Oracle.

These readings interpret the language of oracle cards, offering intuitive wisdom into your life's journey.

Engage with the mystical energies of Soul Oracle to harness intuitive revelations and navigate life's complexities with newfound clarity and purpose.

Soul Profile & Soul Awakened - Unveil your Souls' Origin and discover your unique personality and creative energy profile.  Uncover past life influences that are shaping your present and have a tailored clearing protocol prepared to guide and empower you towards true soul alignment.

Behind the Brand

Hi, I'm Lorraine, the owner and founder of Soul Directions.

With Soul Direction, I aim to weave together the transformative threads of;

-Soul Compass Coaching,  guiding with spiritually intuitive insight towards self-discovery and purpose.  

-Soul Harmony Energy, holistically restoring balance and vitality, nurturing inner radiance.

-Soul Flame,  Reiki & Crystal infused candles, illuminating the path to profound healing, growth, and the realisation of one's soul potential.

- Soul Harmony Oracle, intuitive card readings that tap into the messages the universe is whispering to you soul.

- Soul Profile, uncovering the origin of your soul and your unique blend of personality traits and soul gifts.

-Soul Awake, we incorporate Soul Profile with a deep dive into your past life experiences that are shaping your present situation, and develop a clearing protocol that will empower you towards greater soul alignment,

Soul Directions is more than a venture, it is a manifestation of my unwavering dedication to helping individuals achieve profound healing and empowerment.

Join me on this harmonious voyage, where the synergy of energy healing, soulful coaching, and the comforting glow of Reiki Infused candles converge to illuminate your path towards well-being, self-discovery, and ultimate soul potential.

The Fragrant Flame Founder & CEO, Lorraine Drummond. The Fragrant Flame Mission is To create a sensory journey that restores balance, uplifts spirits, and enhances well-being, allowing individuals to thrive in body, mind, and spirit
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Whistler Street, Manly

NSW 2095 Australia

We acknowledge that we live and work today on the land of the Guringai people, the Traditional Owners of the land, and pay our respects to Elders past, present & emerging.

. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities, who also work and live on this land.

© 2023 bySoul Directions

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