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Soul Directions Logo that symbolising the many paths we can take towards holistic wellness, spiritual growth & personal transformation.

Lorraine Drummond

Lorraine Drummond - owner and founder of Soul Directions, having a mindfullness moment within a natural setting
Welcome to Soul Directions
Step into a transformative world at Soul Directions, where healing,alignment and empowerment converge
Embark on a holistic journey towards healing and empowerment with our unique offerings of Soul Aligned products & services.


Soul Alignment

We specialise in assisting you in discovering your authentic self and unlocking your highest potential.

We provide a holistic approach to inner harmony and spiritual development.

Our goal is to help you reconnect with your soul's purpose, overcome obstacles, and gain profound insights into your life journey.

Our comprehensive services are tailored to support your path toward greater fulfilment and alignment with your true essence.

Soul  Compass Coaching intuitively guides you on a soulful path  of self-exploration and purpose. 


Together we will access a wealth of modalities that are tailored especially to you to assist in accessing your truest potential.


You will be empowered to take control of your direction, attain your goals, and work towards living an alignment and fulfilled life.

Free Introduction 30 mins

Initial Coaching 1.5 hours

Follow on sessions 1 hour

Packages Available

Soul Profile  & Soul Awake are offerings that  delve into the akashic records.

Unveil your Souls' Origin and discover your unique personality and creative energy profile.


 Uncover past life influences that are shaping your present and have a tailored clearing protocol prepared to guide and empower you towards true soul alignment.

Soul Profile 

Soul Awake

Our diverse range of topics caters to every aspect of your well-being, offering a holistic approach to achieving balance in your life.

Whether you seek relaxation, stress relief, emotional healing, or spiritual growth, our guided meditations provide a nurturing space for you to explore and cultivate inner peace

Browse our catalogue

Oracle card readingssymbolising guidance, intuition, and spiritual insight

Soul Oracle

Engage with the mystical energies of Soul Oracle to harness intuitive revelations and navigate life's complexities with newfound clarity and purpose.

Our 30-minute readings offer guidance for immediate challenges or opportunities.


Our 1-hour readings offer a deeper exploration, empowering informed decision-making and profound self-discovery.

30min Oracle Reading

1 Hour Oracle Reading

Soul Essence - Reiki Infused Products

Designed to restore your energy, rest your body, and encourage a relaxing, rejuvenating experience, our Soul Essence products offer a holistic approach to well-being that resonates with your mind, body, and spirit.

Each item has been infused with the ancient energy healing of Reiki, enhanced with the power of crystals, and handmade with loving intent – from our heart to your home.

Our candles are meticulously handcrafted with the utmost care, utilising premium natural essential oils and waxes.


They are crafted with the intention of restoring balance within your energetic being and harmonising your spiritual essence.


Enhanced by thoughtfully selected crystals, our candles not only amplify healing but also promote chakra alignment, fostering a holistic sense of well-being.


Unscented Soy Tealights for Ceremonial use available in packs of 6 or 10.

Soul Essence Discovery Packs.

10 Coconut soy wax tea light candles that represent each of the Soul Essence Oil Blends

Our Reed and Rice Paper Flower Diffusers are infused with the enchanting Soul Essence blends and are designed to extend fragrant healing throughout your home. 

Ideal for situations where an open flame is not suitable, they offer a safe and convenient way to immerse your space not only in soothing aromas but also in the restoring balance and vitality to your body, mind, and spirit. 


Elevate your environment and rejuvenate your senses with our carefully crafted diffusers

Elevate the ambiance of your home with our range of Alignment Mists infused with our Soul Essence blends.

These mists add an extra level of fragrance to your living space, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

Take the mist with you on holiday to transform your vacation house into a home away from home.

Each Alignment Mist is enriched with complementary crystals, infusing the mist with additional healing properties, ensuring that wherever you go, balance and vitality follow

Experience the next level of healing and alignment with our Soul Essences delicately blended into a luxurious Body Wash and Hand Cream.


Start your day balanced as you immerse yourself in the harmonising scents that our aligned blends offer.

Feel refreshed and revitalised, ready to embrace the day with clarity and purpose.

Our hand cream is your go-to product to help renew your sense of vitality and well-being.

Have one at your work desk and one in your handbag to provide a rejuvenating boost wherever you go

Harness the power of our aligned blends to nurture your skin and uplift your spirits throughout the day. 

All our products  are lovingly handmade and contain ingredients that are ethically sourced,  pure, natural, cruelty free, recyclable & sustainable. No harmful chemicals or single use plastics

All our products  are lovingly handmade and contain ingredients that are ethically sourced,  pure, natural, cruelty free, recyclable & sustainable.

No harmful chemicals or single use plastics

Events & Resources

Soul Directions, offers a myriad of transformative experiences awaiting you.

Dive into our array of planned and upcoming events designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Uncovering Your Intuitive Self    an exploration into your innate intuition,  & connection with your inner wisdom


Don't miss our ever-popular

Candle Making Courses  indulge in the soothing art of crafting while igniting your senses and nurturing your soul. 

A useful Resource Library  for further information  eg: 

Balancing Chakras


Flower Essences

Coming Soon

Learn at your own pace with our selection of online courses

Hi, I'm Lorraine, the owner and founder of Soul Directions.

With Soul Directions, I aim to weave together the transformative threads of Soul Coaching, Chakra aligned & Reiki infused Candles, Energy Healing and delving to the Akashic to bring forth information about your Soul.

Soul Directions is more than a venture, it is a manifestation of my unwavering dedication to helping individuals achieve profound healing and empowerment.

Join me on this harmonious voyage, where the synergy of energy healing, soulful coaching, and the comforting glow of Reiki Infused candles converge to illuminate your path towards well-being, self-discovery, and ultimate soul potential.

Lorraine Drummond - Founder of Soul Directions

I am a proud member of Bodhi Holistic Hub.  

Check out my profile

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Soul Directions Logo that symbolising the many paths we can take towards holistic wellness, spiritual growth & personal transformation.
Bodhi Verified Practitioner_edited_edite

We acknowledge that we live and work today on the land of the Guringai people, the Traditional Owners of the land, and pay our respects to Elders past, present & emerging.

. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities, who also work and live on this land.

© 2023 Soul Directions - Lorraine Drummond

Whistler Street, Manly

NSW 2095 Australia

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