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Radiance - Solar Plexus Energy Alignment Candle
  • Radiance - Solar Plexus Energy Alignment Candle

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    Introducing  Radiance - Reiki Infused Energy Alignment Candle, a luminous creation meticulously designed to ignite the radiant power of your solar plexus chakra.


    Infused with the essence of courage, confidence, and self-expression, this candle serves as a guiding light on your path to inner strength and vitality.


    Bask in the uplifting blend of essential oils, including Black Pepper, Lemon, Bergamot, and Sandalwood, each carefully selected to invigorate your spirit and awaken your inner fire.


    Black Pepper sparks determination, Lemon revitalizes the senses, Bergamot inspires joy, and Sandalwood instills a sense of grounding and peace.


    As the warm glow of the candle fills your space, feel the empowering energies of Tiger Eye and Yellow Quartz crystals surrounding you.


    Tiger Eye promotes clarity of intention and courage, while Yellow Quartz radiates confidence and optimism.


    Together, they form a harmonious symphony of energy, encouraging you to embrace your personal power and shine brightly.


    Illuminate your soul with Soul Essences Radiance, and let its radiant energy guide you towards a life of authenticity, empowerment, and inner brilliance.