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Stability - Root Chakra Energy Alignment Candle
  • Stability - Root Chakra Energy Alignment Candle

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    Ground Your Soul, Illuminate Your Path


    Introducing Stability - Reiki Infused  Energy Alignment Candle, a handcrafted masterpiece meticulously designed to harmonise your base chakra.

    Imbued with care and Reiki energy, this candle serves as a beacon of balance, crafted with premium essential oils such as Frankincense, Ginger, Patchouli & Sandalwood and natural fragrances like Coconut, and Vanilla.


    Made with eco-friendly coconut soy wax, it offers a perfectly balanced aroma that supports your foundation.

    Elevate your space with the soothing vibes of our Stability Reiki Infused Candle and embrace a sense of grounded tranquility.


    Combining the grounding and stabilising properties of essential oils with the supportive qualities of Red Jasper and Garnet crystals, this candle provides comprehensive support for your root chakra.


    Frankincense’s grounding nature aligns with Red Jasper’s ability to promote stability and vitality, while Sandalwood’s calming effects complement Garnet’s ability to energise and instill confidence.


    Additionally, the warming energy of Ginger pairs well with the empowering qualities of Red Jasper, while Patchouli’s stability-enhancing properties harmonise with Garnet’s ability to release fears and insecurities.


    Illuminate your path to inner harmony with Stability - Root Chakra Energy Alignment Candle.


    • Hand Crafted with Care

      At Soul Directions, we take pride in hand crafting each of our products  with love and care, ensuring that every product resonates with your soul.

      As a small business without the capacity to hold large quantities of stock, we create our candles to order, guaranteeing freshness and quality in every batch.

      With utmost care, each product is lovingly handcrafted, imbued with a personal touch that adds a special significance to your experience.

      With Soul Directions, your journey towards inner harmony is as unique and personal as our handcrafted and soul aligned products. 

    • Delivery

      We always aim to have our products crafted and on their way to you in the quickest possible turnaround time.

      If your order is urgent please send us a message at,  make sure to include your order number so that we can quickly identify it and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request and will be in touch.


    • Sizing & Burn Times (approx.)

      Our candle range is available in three sizes - Small, Large, and Bowl - each offering a unique burn time to suit your needs.

      •  Small size, containing 180g of wax, provides over 30 hours of burn time 
      • Large size, with 300g of wax, offers more than 48 hours of illumination.
      • For larger spaces, our Bowls are the perfect choice, and boast over 90 hours of burn time.
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