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Front and top view showing crystals used for hand poured Unity - Crown Chakra Energy Alignment Candle
  • Unity - Crown Chakra Energy Alignment Candle

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    Experience a profound sense of unity and spiritual connection as you elevate your consciousness with Unity, our  Crown Chakra Energy Alignment Candle specially infused with Reiki and crystals.


    Embark on a journey of transcendence and oneness, as you open the gateway to higher realms of existence.

    Enriched with the sacred aromas of Violet, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Plum, and Vanilla essential oils, Unity serves as a celestial beacon, guiding you towards spiritual enlightenment and unity with the divine.


    Violet, the color of spiritual transformation, invokes a sense of sacredness and reverence, while Vetiver grounds and centers, fostering a deep connection to the earth and the cosmos.

    Sandalwood provides a sense of tranquility and inner peace, while Plum adds a touch of sweetness and vitality.

    Vanilla, with its comforting and soothing aroma, envelops you in a warm embrace of divine love and unity.

    Together, these oils create a symphony of fragrance that resonates with the essence of unity, guiding you towards spiritual alignment and enlightenment.


    As the gentle flame of Unity illuminates your sacred space, feel the serene energies of Rainbow Moonstone and Fluorite crystals surrounding you in a shimmering aura of divine light.

    Rainbow Moonstone, the stone of divine feminine energy, enhances intuition and spiritual insight, while Fluorite, the stone of clarity and focus, heightens mental acuity and spiritual awareness.


    Allow these crystals to guide you on a journey of spiritual awakening and unity, illuminating your path with divine wisdom and insight.


    Let its radiant energy inspire you to embrace the divine essence within and unite with the infinite cosmos, guiding you towards a state of oneness and divine unity.